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The reasons are unclear, as is the future of a Dyson EV.

It's not necessarily bad news, though.

The company is getting a bit of help from the UK government.

In a now-retracted government document, we learn that Dyson is getting UK government money to 'develop a new battery electric vehicle.'

Vacuum-Cleaner Maker Broadens Technology Investment, May Reach Plug-In Vehicles

Solid-state lithium-ion technology from University of Michigan spin-off is the draw.

Dyson invests $15 million in battery-making startup Sakti3 for cordless vacuum cleaners.

It's not every day that Caterham comes out with a new car. After all, the core of its business is centered around a 55-year-old design. But the SP/300.R is an all-new product, a clean-sheet design. And after unveiling the track car built in collaboration with renowned racing chassis manufacturer Lola, the first example has been delivered.

Yes, many jokes can be made at the expense of Dyson, the UK-based manufacturer of odd-looking vacuums and fans, and its employees. But those hard-working engineers clearly know a thing or two about recombining common parts to find innovative solutions to every day problems.

It's official, ladies and gents: the Caterham SP/300.R is coming to America. (What, the ladies read Autoblog too. Right?)

As expected, the Dyson Racing Team, MazdaSpeed and BP announced today that the Lola-Mazda cars will be running on a new blend of biobutanol and ethanol for the 2010 American Le Mans Series Season. The International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), which handles the technical regulations for ALMS, put out a technical bulletin last week announcing that iBE20 had been approved for use in LMP-class cars this year. The Dyson team ran one of its two cars unclassified as a test during the last two race

Dyson Racing B09/96 running at Mid-Ohio – click above for high-res image gallery

Dyson Racing B09/96 running at Mid-Ohio – click above for high-res image gallery

Dyson Racing B09/96 running at Mid-Ohio - click above for high res image gallery

Dyson Racing B09/96 running at Mid-Ohio - click above for high-res image gallery

Ixnay on that eketric are tay. Contrary to earlier reports (Boy, we The Daily Mail really screwed that one up) famous vacuum cleaner improver and salesperson, Sir James Dyson, is not, I repeat NOT, building an electric car, solar-powered or otherwise. Although no one is arguing that he didn't recently muse aloud, "Electric cars are seen as city cars and to go 30mph is quite enough, but in the future that will change. An electric motor can go to very high speeds," apparently he isn't planning on

Voting for the Autoblog Dirtiest Car Contest has ended and a king of uncleanliness has been crowned. Two of our five finalists quickly outpaced the field garnering the lion's share of votes in our poll. Together Chris Gallahan's 1984 Dodge Shadow and Richard Turner's Plymouth Caravelle accounted for 84 percent of the 690 votes cast. Unfortunately for Chris and his Shadow, Richard's crusty Caravelle struck a chord with voters and won with a solid 47-percent of the votes.

Poll time people, and today we have the five finalists for the Autoblog Dirty Car Contest, the winner of which will receive one Dyson DC14 Drive vacuum with car cleaning attachments. As you will see after the jump, all five vehicles are in dire need of a spring cleaning. Some are perhaps beyond help, but we're offering it anyways. There are plenty of pics of each candidate after the jump, so vote for which vehicle you think is the dirtiest of the litter and the owner will be cleaning out his lit

Entries are starting to pour in for the Autoblog Dirty Car contest and we thought we'd share a shot with you of Jason Brodoski's 1991 Nissan Maxima. It's got 160,000 miles on the odometer and is used to ferry Jason, his son and their recreational equipment around town in an undeniable state of squalor. From the owner's own mouth come these words: "It's usally dirty but I cleaned it for the pics." Gotta love that lived in look, eh?

We bet a few Autoblog readers could reach under their driver seats right now and pull out a pristine french fry that dates back to the Reagan administration. Or perhaps you have a back seat upholstered in dog fur. Well, have we got a contest for you.

The Dyson brand has become a breakout hit in the vacuum industry.  When James Dyson began showing up in commercials with his new invention, we all couldn't help believe the stoic and measured man who said his vacuums would never lose suction. Since then Dyson vacuums have become as common inside the house as F-150s are in the garage. And since the dust and dirt we track around inside the home can be immediately transferred to the car, Dyson is introducing the DC14 Drive, a version of its mi

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