Triac to arrive this July, reservations being accepted, and other juicy details

The wait for an all-electric highway commuter just got a whole lot shorter. If you wanted to buy a Tesla and had the cash, you would still have to wait until the 600 (and counting) folks in line in front of you received theirs before you could stop buying gas and start turning heads. That could take a while. Then there's the Aptera. They only begin building their birds this Fall and there are 2,400 (and counting) folks with paid reservations in that line-up which ends, or at least pauses for effect, at the magic number of 3,000. But now, if you act fast, you may be able to jump into the beginning of a brand new queue. AutoblogGreen has just received word that Green Vehicles is accepting reservations (with a 10 percent fully refundable reservation fee) for July delivery of their new Triac (pictured above). That's only 60 days away!

You want to try before you buy? The three wheeler will be available for test drives around the middle of July and, according to Green Vehicles president Ehab Youssef, they anticipate leasing as well as selling the vehicle. They can ship cars throughout the U.S. (though Ohio could pose a licensing problem) and Canada, not to mention most other countries as well. The missive sent out by the company also gives reassurances about the quality and safety of their product. What kind of reassurances? Join us on the other side of the break to find out.

Reassurances... As I was saying, the prototypes have been in testing for a year now and they say the safety, power and functionality have all been improved. For instance, in the safety department, a structural steel safety cage designed by race car fabrication experts, Impact Engineering of San Jose, CA, has been integrated into the vehicle. The cars will be inspected and tested in the U.S. before they are sent home with their new owners and will come with a one year bumper-to-bumper warranty. Not only will the Triac come with a detailed manual that could help guide your local technician to resolve any problems that might arise but they also plan to carry and ship replacement parts. If the book isn't providing the necessary insight, technical support will be made available to you over the telephone with qualified (non-outsourced) people.

The lithium ion batteries that supply the power are said to be good for 2000 cycles (about 5 years) and, as they are "monitored by the world's most advanced battery management system," you will be notified if there is a problem with any particular battery or if there is a charging or discharging issue.

Their website is being upgraded as we speak with even more details appearing over the next few days. You should soon be able to check out all the specs as well as see if there will be a dealership appearing sometime in your neck of the woods. So, come on: Triac, you'll like it.

[Source: Green Vehicles]

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