Thousands of iterations later, vacuum guy Dyson goes for solar EVs

You've very likely seen the commercials. The ones with the Englishman talking about all the thousands of design iterations he went through to come up with a vacuum cleaner with a big yellow plastic ball in the middle of the base. Well, he's at it again. This time around James Dyson has his crew going down the EV path. The engineers at Dyson's disposal are apparently working on an electric motor derived from the one used in the vacuum cleaners that could be used to drive an electric car. Apparently not satisfied with the performance of the G-Wiz (who would be?) Dyson wants to do better and even plans to outfit an EV with solar panels. Dyson doesn't want to build the whole car, just the powertrain, so he's looking for an automaker to collaborate with. Maybe he should give Chrysler a call. They could surely use the help. Just leave the bright yellow ball in the workshop.
[Source: Daily Mail]

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