VIDEO: $10,000 electric car coming this year?

Driving a Ford-branded Th!nk Neighbor (NEV) around Pasadena wasn't good enough for Bill Provence. He wanted more speed, more safety and a little more protection from the elements. So, he did what any of us would do and teamed up some engineering and manufacturing friends in Michigan and built his own dream car. What? You don't have engineering and manufacturing friends in Michigan? Well, it appears you may be in luck because in a video telling us about his new sealed AGM lead acid battery-powered vehicle, Bill mentions that he's planning on building more to sell to those of us less well connected.

Potentially operating under the company name, Pure Electric Vehicles, Mr.Provence wants to offer his three-wheeler this Fall for a base price of $9,999. For that price he evens plans to throw in a radio, an iPod "connection" and a heater! Although we don't know what kind of range the EV has, it is claimed to go 65 mph. Bill says he will being making some more videos and posting them on YouTube to keep the world informed of his progress. Hopefully that progress includes windows. Hit the jump to see his machine in motion.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[Source: YouTube]

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