Tata expected to sign Memorandum on sale of Jaguar this month

Ford and Tata are expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover in late February or early March. Ford has reportedly agreed to continue supplying engines and components, and Tata to accept the pension arrangements. The final issue is Ford's discussions with British auto workers unions. The unions don't have any problems with the deal between Ford and Tata, nor anything that they have agreed to with Ford so far. The sticking point appears to be that Ford has only given verbal guarantees, and the unions want those guarantees locked in for "the next few years", presumably in writing. Until then, the unions won't recommend accepting the deal. Aside from all of that, the best news is that Tata has signed off on both Land Rover and Jaguar's business plans through 2012, which means the F-Type we've been waiting eight years for could finally be on the way. And if that happens, then Tata is tops in our book.
[Source: Automotive News , sub. req'd]

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