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Jaguar Land Rover hands Tata the biggest loss in Indian corporate history

'We are now taking clear and decisive actions in JLR to step up its competitiveness'

'We are now taking clear and decisive actions in JLR to step up its competitiveness.'

Jaguar Land Rover undergoes $3.2 billion turnaround plan as sales slump

Sales are off 13 percent; EVs, hybrids across lineup promised by 2020

Sales are off 13 percent; EVs, hybrids across lineup promised by 2020

The Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, may finally be dead

A spokesman says the Nano may need fresh investment to survive

A spokesman says the Nano may need fresh investment to survive.

Tata brings its mighty, mini, mid-engine Tamo Racemo to Geneva

Only 250 will be built.

It's shorter than a Miata, and has more power.

Recharge Wrap-up: Houston's bus revival, autonomous trucks on the Autobahn

Renault curbs NOx; Tata targets startups; BMW invests in RideCell.

Documentary covers Houston's buses. European Truck Platooning Challenge a success. Renault reduces NOx. Tata creates innovation lab in CA. BMW i Ventures invests in Ridecell.

Recharge Wrap-up: Rimac is hiring, Africa's first solar airport

Tata pledges to use 100% renewable energy.

Do you want to work for Rimac Automobili? Africa gets its first solar powered airport. Tata joins RE100 by committing to 100 percent renewable energy.

Recharge Wrap-up: Tata unveils tiny H2 vehicle,Volt's new drivetrain explained

For EVs To Help Pollution, Coal Plants Need To Go

A video explains the second-gen GM Voltec drivetrain. Coal plants can make EVs dirtier than gas cars. The Tata Magic Iris Ziva is a tiny fuel-cell microvan.

Zika epidemic leads Indian carmaker to rename Zica hatch

Tata Motors will rename its new Zica hatchback because of the negative association with the similar sounding Zika virus.

Tata now hopes 'nobody wants' cheapest Nano

Ratan Tata seems to think he knows the problem with the original Tata Nano, and how he'll address that when the next-generation model rolls around.

Super Tata Nano is 230 horses of terror

The Tata Nano hasn't been the booming sales success that it was originally anticipated to be. But we bet some drivers worldwide wouldn't mind getting behind the wheel of this one just for the absolute absurdity of it.

Tata approves plans to codevelop two SUVs with Land Rover

Over the course of this year, rumors have been building about Jaguar Land Rover and its parent company, Tata Motors, co-developing vehicles, especially SUVs. Up until now, the Indian company has generally left its luxury arm's tech and expertise alone. The latest evidence, though, suggests the two sides won't keep their engineering separate too much longer.

Tata to get Jaguar and Land Rover tech, platforms too?

Since buying Jaguar Land Rover, Indian automaker Tata has generally left its luxury arm's platforms and technology alone. However, those days might be gone. The two of them are gradually growing closer with coordinated development and rumors of shared platforms. And it looks like all of that work and money is finally going to pay off with an actual vehicle in the near future.

Land Rover, Tata working on entry-level SUV for India?

Since Tata Motors bought Jaguar Land Rover in 2008, the companies have slowly begun working more closely together on development and production. However, they might be taking another big step because a recent report indicates that Land Rover and Tata may be working together on an SUV project for the Indian market.

Tata unveils Bolt hatchback and Zest sedan [w/videos]

As we noted last month, news of a Tata Nano diesel brought with it other news that the Indian car company would introduce a new sedan and hatchback, a hatchback with a rear hatch that actually opens. The company used the 2014 Auto Expo in Delhi to do just that, the Bolt hatch and Zest sedan introducing audiences to the unified marketing pushes called DesignNext, DriveNext and ConnectNext under the HorizonNext banner.

Tata Motors boss Slym dead in tragic accident [UPDATE]

The managing director of Tata Motors, Karl Slym, was killed this past weekend, reportedly suffering a fall at a Bangkok hotel. Slym was in Thailand for a meeting with the board of director's for Tata's Thai outfit. The 51-year-old Brit joined Tata in October 2012, according to a report from the BBC, but he was also a veteran of Toyota in the UK and General Motors in India and China.

Tata Nano diesel coming next month, sedan and hatchback planned?

Confirming our report from several months back, Tata will begin offering a diesel-powered Nano in the not-so-distant future, with one report even claiming it'd debut as early as February, at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo.

Tata Nano police car unveiled in India

Police cars are meant to command respect from motorists. This is apparently not the case in India, though, where a Delhi-based electronics firm has modified the world's cheapest car into what may be the world's cheapest police car. Complete with a stylish, red-white-and-blue light bar, Grand IJS Electronics debuted a police-spec Tata Nano at the International Security Expo in New Delhi.

Jaguar Land Rover building new R&D center for hybrids, EVs, autonomous cars

The success of Jaguar Land Rover in recent years has largely been down to a resurgent product lineup, but a recent move into the research and development will see the British-based, Indian-owned brands take the fight to its German rivals more aggressively than ever before.

Tata Nano to get diesel in Q1 2014

The Tata Nano was heralded as the World's Cheapest Car when it chugged onto the automotive scene in 2009. Meant to be India's Volkswagen Beetle, BMC Mini or Ford Model T, the Nano, while accounting for 25-percent of Tata Motors' sales volume in fiscal year 2012, still saw its sales drop 27 percent over the same period.

Tata Xenon Tuff Truck Concept bows in Australia

Following the cancellation of the Melbourne Motor Show, it would appear that automakers in Australia are looking for creative new ways to show off vehicles to consumers. Enter the country's National 4x4 and Outdoors Show and Fishing and Boating Expo. India's Tata Motors has used this weekend's festivities to reveal an off-road concept version of its Xenon pickup called the Tata Xenon Tuff Truck Concept.

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