Rumormill: Jaguar planning Porsche 911 rival

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It's full speed ahead for Jaguar, which seems determined not to miss a single beat even as it prepares to switch ownership from Ford to Tata. As if an all-new XJ flagship sedan weren't enough to keep the transitioning British automaker busy, rumors are now circulating that Jaguar is preparing a proper sportscar, more hardcore than the XK grand tourer.

You may recognize the image above as the F-Type roadster that Jaguar unveiled to rave reviews at the Detroit show in 2000. Unfortunately, Jag's lagging sales – and the Aston Martin ceiling – forced Ford PAG to cancel the program, but Jaguar is reportedly preparing to present the case to its new owners. However, while the F-Type would have competed with the Porsche Boxster, Jaguar is said to have its sight set on the elusive benchmark of the Porsche 911 for its newest sportscar.

[Source: The Sun]

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