Bloggers love environmentally-friendly cars

Want some proof that bloggers love environmentally friendly cars? Here you go:

  • John Chow at John Chow dot com currently drives an Acura TL. If money was no object, he'd like a Chevy Volt.
  • Guy Kawasaki at How To Change The World currently drives a Honda Odyssey, 2 Toyota Siennas, and Audi S6 Avant. If money was no object, he'd go diesel with a Mercedes 2008 GL320 CDI SUV
  • Rand Fishkin at SEOmoz says, "I've actually never owned a car! I walk to work and grab a lift with my fiancĂ©e on the weekends." Even if money was no object, Fishkin says he'd like "no car at all! I think the only way I manage to keep in shape is forcing myself to walk the 1.3 miles to work and back each day. If I got a car, I'd probably gain a couple pounds a week."
  • Graham Hill at Tree Hugger, not surprisingly, says he takes "the odd taxi when I'm lazy or it's necessary." If I had to buy a new car today, "I'd go with a Zipcar or an electric car, ideally one that I could charge with my own solar panels. I'd also love it if Zipcar could offer me a really wide range of transportation options e.g. bike, 3 wheel bike, bike with trailer, electric scooter, tiny car, medium car, large car, van, moving truck etc... This would allow me to use the smallest vehicle for the job. I'd like to think that even if money wasn't an object that I'd still act in the same manner. A Tesla electric does spring to mind but frankly I think I'd feel wasteful."
  • Scott Stanfield of Vertigo Software currently drives a Mercedes C55 AMG and a '65 T-Bird. If he had to buy a new car today, it would be a Tesla Roadster.
  • John Biggs at CrunchGear drives a Volkswagen Beetle, but would choose a Honda Civic Hybrid if he were to buy a new car today. If money was no object he'd buy "that electric car that's faster than a jet plane or whatever." We think he means the Tesla.
  • Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish says "I don't drive and cannot drive. I have no license and never learned. It's saved me a fortune and the planet some grief."

So, there you have it.

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