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Industrial designer seeking classic car, sketches his finds as he shops

Canadian industrial design professor Bruce Thomson is on the hunt for a classic car, and he's chronicling the search in a novel way. Thomson is using his skill as an artist to sketch the vintage cars that he checks out and is posting driving impressions of them on his blog. He initially started looking for a Triumph TR6, but now a wide range of vintage European rides have been added to the list of possibilities.

Toyota, Honda and GM most blogged

Click above for high-res gallery of the 2011 Chevy Volt

Brock Yates is back in the blogosphere

That's right people, the original gonzo-automotive journalist is back in the saddle, and judging by his first post on the One Lap website, he's still full of all the piss and vinegar we've come to expect. Hopefully, Yates' Engines With Attitude blog gives regular updates and editorials from its incredibly un-PC author, providing those of us with a thick skin and a disturbed sense of humor some gasoli

Engadget posts picture of GEM electric truck on fire

Our Engadget buddies have posted a picture of a GEM electric truck on fire. There is really no explanation with the article except "GEM neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) burning peacefully on the UC Riverside campus, January 15th, 2008." The post is titled "And you thought that laptop fire sucked..." and some comments have concluded it's a fire caused by the electric car's battery or wiring.

Tesla reorganized, fired founder Eberhard upset

Michael Corleone said it best, "It's not personal, it's business." There's been a lot of turmoil in the Silicon Valley hills lately as the Tesla Motors saga continues. Departed founder Martin Eberhard reports on his blog at TeslaFounders.com that the reorganization has been a "bloodbath" and questions the wisdom of the corporate machinations. Tesla's Daryl Siry contends that the company needed to tighten up its organization and refocus on the goal of actua

GM FastLane Blog responds to NY Times: Saturn still viable

We don't get it. Saturn has done an amazing job transmogrifying itself into a productive division for The General, and people are wistful for the Saturn of yore? In internet parlance, WTF? Three years ago, it would have been apt to predict that Saturn would be nearly done circling the drain by now and well on its way to the same fate as Oldsmobile. What has in fact happened has been an impressive brand renaissance, invigorated by GM's smart utilization of its global operations. Jerry Garrett opi

How very meta: Toyota employs a guy that reads blogs, and we blog about it

During an interview with Brandweek, Bruce Ertmann revealed himself as Toyota's (get this) "corporate manager of consumer-generated media." That's right, he's paid to read through forums, websites and blogs -- including yours truly. Plus, it's likely he's reading your comments.

Autoblog Podcast #61

We're fired up about a few things for episode #61. We eventually get to an enthusiastic discussion of the American LeMans Series, but we wind our way through a few subjects to get there. We start off with the snub to Chrysler by some DCX shareholders who suggest a return to Daimler-Benz AG name. Not only is that a kick in the pa

GM launches Cadillac Drivers' Blog

Believe it or not, we're actually impressed with General Motors for diving head first into the choppy waters of blogging. The GM FastLane blog, for instance, is used on a regular basis by top-level execs, including the always interesting orator Bob Lutz, to inform, correct and promote GM's wares to the online community.

ZAP! joins the green blogosphere

It just got a little easier to keep tabs on the green-minded gearheads over at ZAP! since they recently started a company blog. As we've seen in the past, some company blog sites can be pretty dry as they're often just used as another medium to distribute press releases. That's not the case for these guys. As of this writing, there are only 13 posts up, but they've still got a good mix of company information as well as general automotive and environmental

General Motors' Fastlane blog -- success, or failure?

Demir Barlas wrote a breakdown on the FastLane Blog, General Motors' online journal. Barlas gave positive marks to the blog itself, finding it easy to navigate and brimming with plenty of articulate writers with diverse views.