Recently, I told you about a news report with the debut of the Project Better Place+Renault electric car. If you had problems seeing the video at the news site, try watching the Dailymotion video above. We got translations from several of our readers (Thanks again to Emil and Vadim) and Le Blog Auto also has translations. The report confirms many of the rumors we had heard like the car will be Renault's Megane and start production in 2010. The Project Better Place+Renault electric car will also have a range of 200km (124 miles) and, of course, use Project Better Place's battery exchange system.

Below the fold is a video by Project Better Place in response to the Davos Challenge on YouTube. The Project Better Place YouTube video includes lots of small children talking about electric cars. Davos is a meeting of many of the world's greatest thinkers and runs from the 23rd to the 28th of January in Davos, Switzerland. The Davos YouTube video asking for your YouTube video submissions is also below the fold.

We should hear more about the Project Better Place+Renault electric car on January 21st during a ceremony both companies are expected to attend. Stay tuned.

[Source: Le Blog Auto, YouTube]

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