Project Better Place working with Renault, to use fuel cells?

According to sources at Globes, the car "at the heart" of Project Better Place's battery exchange network, will be Renault's Megane equipped with fuel cells. Carasso Auto Importers Ltd. will provide technical support and services and Carasso may trial Renault's Kangoo (an electric van sold in Europe for several years) also equipped with fuel cells. According to the Globes article, Renault says the electric Megane is an "experimental project" and the electric cars Renault announced in an alliance with Nissan will also be apart of Project Better Place.

The Globes article says Renault's Vice President recently visited Israel in connection with Project Better Place and met President Shimon Peres, an advisor for Project Better Place. The Globes also says that the Israel Tax Authority is considering tax exemptions for the purchase and importation of electric cars. If any of this is true, Shai Agassi has again done in months what many electric car companies have not accomplished in years or at all. Also, the possibility that Project Better Place may use fuel cells is just amazing.

[Source: Globes]

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