First pictures and video of Project Better Place+Renault's electric car

Recently, I wrote about a TV news report on Project Better Place's first electric car. Le Blog Auto found a video of the report online and you can watch it here. The 10-minute video includes a ride along in the Project Better Place+Renault electric car, a look under the hood and even a short race between the electric car and a gas car (see gallery below). The report also has a photo of Bob Lutz, several popular electric cars (like the Tesla Roadster) and a long interview with Project Better Place's founder and CEO, Shai Agassi.

What does Shai say? Why is there a photo of Bob Lutz in the report? I can't understand a word being said. If anyone can translate this video, please post what's said in comments. Someone in a comment to the first article about the TV report asked if this was technically the confirmation of the Renault deal. As you can see in the screen grab above, that's a Renault logo for sure. Renault will probably make it official in a January 21st ceremony.

Can you believe we first wrote about Shai's electric car battery exchange station company last August? The Project Better Place model for creating electric cars is probably the fastest I have seen.

Update: Big thanks to Emil and Vadim for providing a translation of the video in comments below.

[Source: Thanks to a tip from colleague Simon, Keshet TV]

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