The video above is the Climate Kids ad where children are asked how do cars harm the planet. There responses are what you might expect from kids except for the second to last kid who understands it better than I do. The ad was done by Ibuyeco, an eco-friendly car insurance company that off sets your carbon pollution and adds it your car insurance rate. Kids say the greenest things.

Below the fold is the Ford Escape hybrid ad "Father / Daughter" that shows a daughter asking her father to drop her off a block before she gets to the movie theatre. That part of town, she explains, has people that ride bikes and hybrids and stuff, and she doesn't want to be embarrassed by showing up in an SUV. But this is a hybrid, her father explains. Why didn't he talk about this before she asks. Her father replies I never thought I had to talk about it. Yeah, who talks about their cars?

[Source: YouTube]

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