Ford likely won't use "Twin Force" name despite its kickassedness

When we saw the Lincoln MKR at the Detroit Auto Show, we were every bit as excited about the high-tech twin-turbo V6 as we were the sleek-looking RWD sedan. Even the "Twin Force" name given to the hopped-up powerplant struck us as cool. While Ford doesn't necessarily disagree that Twin Force is a great name, the automaker feels customers may think "Force" somehow is more indicative of its 415 horsepower than its fuel-sipping thrift. Ya don't say?!?!?! Ford is looking to re-brand the force-fed direct-inject engine to help bring focus to its V8 power with V6 fuel economy. It just might be difficult to sell 400+ hp as green, but if it can achieve 27 mpg and hit 60 mph in 5 seconds, Ford could call it the Pinto and it would be coveted.

Is it just us, or does Ford Motor Company need a naming scion that can pick one name and stick with it? Let's see, we have the like-named Freestar (dead) and Freestyle, which is now the Taurus X. Then there was the Five Hundred/Taurus, and who could forget the MKX/MKZ/MKS/MKR debacle that even top-ranking executives can't seem to keep straight. The one year of Zephyr was classic, too. Then there is the upcoming V8 that the company wanted to name "Hurricane", yet reconsidered after Katrina nearly destroyed New Orleans. Well, if the Blue Oval is going to rename the engine, we may as well give them a hand. Let us know what you would call Ford's fire-breathing green machine after the jump. Did we mention that the Fusion was supposed to be the Futura?

[Source: Wards Auto]

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