Ford's "Twin-Force" powering towards production

At Ford's 2008 model year introduction event, group vice president for global product development Derek Kuzak mentioned that the same Twin-Force technology the Blue Oval unveiled at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show in the MKR concept will soon be available on production models. Even better, Kuzak says the twin boost will result in fuel efficiency on par with comparably sized diesels. Ford has more powertrain plans, too, as the folks from Dearborn, MI usher in the best of 2003 with a manual-mode "Power Shift" automatic transmission, and multiple displacement V8s.

Ford has been playing catch-up in the competitive powertrain department for years, and these new technologies will go a long way toward Ford leveling the playing field. The Twin-Force technology in particular seems very exciting, with high horsepower and above average fuel economy promised. We'll believe the diesel-like fuel economy claim when we see it, though, since diesels come with turbochargers too, and oil burners are just more efficient than gasoline powertrains.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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