Sticking to its consonants: Lincoln to continue alphabet soup

When the new Lincoln MKS arrives next summer, it will join the MKZ and MKX. And then those three will be joined by another MK-something, perhaps a large Lincoln crossover based on the Ford Flex, to arrive in 2009. More than once we have written MKZ when we were referring to the MKS. More than one Ford rep said MK-Consonant when he meant the other MK-Consonant. More than once we have tried to figure out why Lincoln came up with -- and continues -- this type of nomenclature.

But it isn't going to stop, so we've just got to mind our letters. Mulally, he who brought back "Taurus," opined that "consistency of purpose is important." And Lincoln says this kind of naming system is what other premium automakers do. The difference is, usually those numbers actually mean something. All right, so 'Mark X' could mean crossover -- but then what's the larger crossover going to be called? Mark XL? And what is a 'Mark Z?' And why isn't that beastly truck a MKLT, instead of Mark LT? And does this mean you could order an ATMKSAWDPDQ?

The new names have only been in use for two years, so perhaps they simply need a bit more time to take hold. But we remember the last time Ford tried this kind of alpha/numeric thing State-side, and we're still trying to figure out the riddle of 'Merkur XR4Ti'...

[Source: Auto News, sub req'd]

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