BMW Hydrogen 7 getting more mileage in Hollywood

Say what you want about BMW's Hydrogen 7, it certainly gets around. Whether you're Erich Sixt of the German car rental company Sixt or Brad Pitt, movers and shakers are getting special treatment by BMW. On Monday, Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Liguori pulled up to the Fox All Star Party at The Santa Monica Pier in a Hydrogen 7, which fits in with the green sheen that Fox put on the event (the "white carpet" used recycleable materials).

Two things to keep in mind. First, what is it with Fox? We've heard about the company's "Cool Change" initiative intended to reduce Fox's carbon footprint and fight global warming with things like the biodiesel-powered MLB All Star Game broadcast. On the other hand, the Fox news network thinks (or at least thought) that E85 was pure ethanol. Second, let's not forget that the Hydrogen 7 is dual-fuel powered, and the announcement we got about Luguori's ride did not say whether it was burning hydrogen or regular gasoline.

[Source: Kris Sharbaugh / Rubenstein Communications, Inc. ]

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