The automobile company initially produced a small series of 100 BMW Hydrogen 7s which are being used by selected representatives from industry, politics and society. The first person awarded one is the Board Chairman of Sixt AG, Erich Sixt. Sixt is Germany's largest car rental company for many years, with some 1,600 rental stations in over 85 countries.

"We have to be open to new engine technologies - after all, we know that fossil fuels are in finite supply," Sixt said in a statement. "Hydrogen has the potential to surpass petrol and diesel in the long term. BMW is on the right path - and a pioneer in the field. I am pleased to receive the BMW Hydrogen 7 and look forward to finding out about the interaction between hydrogen and petrol operation."

Dear gentlemen at BMW: Can we ask for one? Although we would have really a hard time looking for a Hydrogen pump station (although the Hydrogen 7 runs on unleaded, too) or a parking spot.

[Source: BMW]

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