Watch the MLB all-star game? Did you know it was powered by biodiesel?

Fox Sports used a 20 percent biodiesel blend for all of the generators, satellite trucks and other diesel equipment used to broadcast this year's MLB All-Star Game. The move to B20 didn't help with the audience (the game was watched by fewer people than last year), but that's not stopping Fox Sports from making the decision that biodiesel is the way to go for upcoming broadcasts of the World Series, the Super Bowl, the Bowl Championship Series and other major events.
Here's Michael Davies, Director, Field Operations of Fox Sports: "This initiative is an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint to neutral by 2010. The All-Star game presents the opportunity to start implementing some of these environmentally friendly practices, part of which is using B20 in our equipment."

You heard that right, an arm of the Fox network will go carbon neutral within the next three years. Can't wait for for another arm to call them a bunch of wackos.

[Source: Southwest Nebraska News]

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