Brad Pitt thinks BMW's Hydrogen 7 is perfect for Ocean's 13 premiere

At the premiere of Ocean's 13 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre last night, Brad Pitt arrived in a BMW Hydrogen 7. Our source didn't say if Angelina Jolie arrived in a different vehicle, but if you want oodles more photos from the event (both Brad and Angelina were there), here's IESB's gratuitous photo gallery with all the stars.

BMW is getting a lot of publicity out of the Hydrogen 7s they've got in America. If you go back and watch the video of the AFVI show from April, you'll notice that this Hydrogen 7 is the exact same one I was able to drive in April (or they switched license plates). I can't tell from this image if the company removed all the "clean energy" markings from the side (visible here) so as not distract from Mr. Pitt's suaveness. Whatever the case, let's pretend that AutoblogGreen is one step closer to being on the A-list. Or something.

[Source: Kris Sharbaugh / Rubenstein Communications, Inc. ]

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