Welcome the new, kinder, gentler Auto Alliance - and their ads

How could we possibly forget the last round of print and radio advertising that the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers let out of the bag? Sure, you remember those, don't you? They basically said that if the Senate were to pass new CAFE standards, you would not be able to afford a pickup truck anymore, or purchase a safe minivan to haul your family in. Those ads apparently did not go over well. One could argue that with gas prices so high, they were rather ill-timed. So, the Alliance has decided on a kinder, gentler approach this time around.

Instead of running their newest ads in areas with a high concentration of SUV and truck purchasers, they are targeting Washington, our nations capitol. The idea is to get people who can make the choices to hear them out. No longer are they totally against any changes. Now, they just want reasonable targets. They want to know how expensive gas really needs to get before it changes your purchasing habits. Are you really willing to choose a four cylinder instead of a six? Are you willing to find an E85 or biodiesel station? Those are the real questions that need answering. America deserves answers, according to their ads (available here in .pdf). They claim that they are comited to finding them, and they want your help.

The Auto Alliance has set up this new website to get their thoughts across. They make a good point. What compromises are you personally willing to make?

[Source: Auto Alliance via Detroit News]

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