Ford trucks and SUVs giving way to CUV sales

In 2000, more than 500,000 CUVs were sold in the U.S. In 2006, nearly 2,500,000 CUVs were sold, nearly a 400% increase in just six years. In fact, CUVs and midsized cars now account for 50% of the industry's sales, having claimed 20% from the sales of trucks and SUVs.

With crossovers in general being the fastest growing segment in autos, the Edge and Lincoln MKZ are leading the way for Ford. The Edge -- with a conquest rate of 41% -- is reportedly outselling the Fusion, with both models still showing month-on-month gains, though Ford's own numbers up through the month of March don't agree with that claim. The MKZ MKX is no slouch either, selling more than the RDX and both of Infiniti's FX models.

We don't know how often this kind of thing happens, however: Bob King, a dealer in Cincinnati, said that a couple traded a 2004 BMW Z3 and a 2004 Corvette for two new Edges. And that was after they tested a BMW X5 and Lexus RX 330. Even if that's not happening every day, the sales trend is very good news for the Blue Oval. By the end of 2008, Ford will have six CUV's on the market, and predicts CUV sales in the industry to reach 3 million by 2010.

[Source: Blue Oval News]

UPDATE: Post corrected to more accurately reflect source article. Sorry!

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