Is Better Than Ever Still Good Enough? By now, all but the staunchest of traditionalists have moved past the shock and horror of seeing their favorite automotive brands branching into categories and segments that break with their previously accepted norms. In other words, you and I don't…

- Reviewed by Jeremy Korzeniewski


2015 BMW X5
MSRP: $53,900 - $70,100
2014 BMW X5
MSRP: $52,800 - $68,200
2013 BMW X5
MSRP: $47,500 - $64,200
2012 BMW X5
MSRP: $47,500 - $64,200
2011 BMW X5
MSRP: $46,300 - $58,900
BMW plugs in new X5 xDrive40e PHEV crossover

BMW rolls out its first plug-in hybrid crossover in the new X5 eDrive40e, packing a 2.0-liter turbo four, an electric motor, eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive into the Bavarian "sports activity vehicle."
Watch Emily Blunt and John Krasinski prank Jimmy Kimmel's SUV

Jimmy Kimmel has a bit of a rivalry going with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Not like the "I'm on television, you're on the radio" one he has with his former Man Show co-host Adam Carolla (who of course has more to do with cars than the last name he almost shares with a Toyota economy sedan). With Blunt and Krasinski, it's more of a prank rivalry.
BMW planning plug-in hybrid versions of core models

To the casual observer, there's a sort of schism in the world of fuel sipping. The Japanese, Koreans and Americans have embraced electrification by way of hybrid powertrains, while our German friends lean towards diesel technology. BMW is actively pushing to change that impression, as it's announced that it will take a break from niche-busting MPVs and lifted, four-door coupes to produce plug-in hybrid versions of some of its "core-brand" models.

For Sale

2006 BMW X5
/ 93,703 miles / MD
2010 BMW X5
$25,581 / 60,664 miles / MD
2015 BMW X5
$65,800 / unknown miles / MD
"The 2011 BMW X5 is one of the best-handling midsize luxury crossovers you can buy.