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TCC lists 10 concepts Detroit should have built

Show cars, dream cars and concept cars have long been a staple of the auto show circuit. Ever since Harley Earl dropped the 1938 Buick Y-Job on the unsuspecting public, automakers have been teasing us with concepts that more often than not fail to make it to production. Sometimes certain design elements or powerplants or nametags make it to showrooms, even whole vehicles occasionally slip through with minor changes, but there are always cars we wish automakers would have built but didn't. That's what The Car Connection addresses in its newest top ten list. "Ten Concepts Detroit Should Have Built," as you may guess, focuses on concepts American manufacturers should have made.

TCC gives a thorough description of each choice and an explanation of its merits, and also invites readers to weigh in on which they would choose as the pick of the litter. We encourage you to click over and check them out for yourself, but here's the list:
Add our votes for the Astro II (pictured), the Nomads and Cadillac's Sixteen concept, though ourl list would have also included the Dodge M80, Ford 427 and Buick Velite.

[Source: TheCarConnection]

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