Carbon fiber technology coming to heavy trucks in the UK

Vehicles that weigh less use less fuel to get around than a comparable heavy vehicle. That's a simple truth that race car designers and drivers have known for decades, and it's a topic we mention quite regularly here on AutoblogGreen (see links below).

Thanks to a recent agreement between the UK's Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) and The Technology Team (TTT), some of the technologically-advanced lightweight materials, like carbon fiber, from race cars may soon make the move to Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs, also known as Large Goods Vehicles), i.e., delivery trucks. The latter name might be the better of the two as these heavy trucks get not-so-heavy.

According to Just-Auto (subs req'd), MIRA and TTT will be exploring new tractor and trailer designs using the lightweight materials. MIRA told Just-Auto that, "This exciting development could deliver lower emissions, higher fuel economy and greater potential for heavy cargo. The move would actually reduce the number of lorries on the road ...easing congestion."

[Source: Just-Auto (subs req'd)]

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