Kenworth launches new T270 hybrid-electric truck

The Kenworth Truck Company has announced a new Class 6 hybrid-electric truck model, the Kenworth T270 at the Mid-America Trucking Show. The T270 is powered by the new PACCAR PX-6 engine with an integrated transmission-mounted motor/generator linked to a 340-volt battery pack. A dedicated power-management system switches the powertrain between " diesel mode" above 30 mph and " hybrid mode" below 30 mph when the diesel engine gets an electric boost to improve fuel economy in stop-start conditions. A reduction in diesel consumption of 30 percent should be possible in stop-start traffic.

Analysis: In addition to increased fuel economy and reduced emissions, having the battery pack on-board gives Kenworth the chance to offer an electric power-take-off for utility customers. Is there a single major truck company not committed to hybrid powertrains now?

[Source: Kenworth via Green Car Congress]

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