The Kenworth Truck Company has announced a new Class 6 hybrid-electric truck model, the Kenworth T270 at the Mid-America Trucking Show. The T270 is powered by the new PACCAR PX-6 engine with an integrated transmission-mounted motor/generator linked to a 340-volt battery pack. A dedicated power-management system switches the powertrain between "diesel mode" above 30 mph and "hybrid mode" below 30 mph when the diesel engine gets an electric boost to improve fuel economy in stop-start conditions. A reduction in diesel consumption of 30 percent should be possible in stop-start traffic.

Analysis: In addition to increased fuel economy and reduced emissions, having the battery pack on-board gives Kenworth the chance to offer an electric power-take-off for utility customers. Is there a single major truck company not committed to hybrid powertrains now?

[Source: Kenworth via Green Car Congress]

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