Smile, you're in Treehugger's Convenient Truth video contest

Well, you could be, if you create an anti-global warming video and send it to Treehugger in the next two weeks.

From the site:

"An Inconvenient Truth presented a problem; we want you to show us how to solve this problem. Create an actionable, inspiring follow-up to the movie.

Videos can discuss various components of daily life including transportation, home and garden, work, recreation, etc., and in this, the subsequent actions being taken to reduce one's carbon footprint.

Videos that wish to be eligible for the EPIC International Prize can discuss these same components (transportation, home and garden, work, etc.) but must address issues of conscious consumerism and its relationship to global warming."

AutoblogGreen reader Colin McCullough created the video above, called "A kid, a car, and an idea," with his son "about our yellow Beetle and the larger possibilities of running commercial trucks and buses [on VegOil], and using algae and pollution to supply enough veg oil to run them!" McCollough tells us that other ABG-related videos entered so far in the contest include one "about an auto tech class that converted an older Mercedes as a project. A third video is by a traveling eco group that spreads its message while driving a converted (and colorful) school bus." I believe him, but I can't find them on the site. All submissions should be available for viewing on March 1st, though. Until then, you can see more videos here. Film on!

[Source: Treehugger, h/t Colin McCullough]

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