State of the Union preview: energy, ethanol, carbon cap?

We've been thinking about President Bush's State of the Union speech for a while now ( will he or won't he make an "historic shift" on global warming?), and tomorrow evening we can finally hear it straight from the horse's mouth. Heh heh. Horse's mouth.

With the speech so close, we're hearing more about what Bush will say. Here's another alternative energy rumor/preview making the rounds: NPR is saying that an increase in ethanol production and use might be on the agenda. My take: very likely. The same story also interviews people (not in the administration) who are calling for a mandatory carbon cap and trading system. The White House has resisted this in the past, and I don't see why they'd change their minds now. I also expect to hear more about the hydrogen economy, if only because that's something we're used to from this president. Please add your yays or nays in the comments.

Remember, Bush talking about energy independence is not a new topic for a SOTU address. Think Progress reminds us that we've heard this ever since he took office in 2001. Just FYI.

Also, if actually listening to the President is difficult for you like it is for so many, then check back Wednesday to see what was said about alternative energy and how we power our cars. Then, check back in 2008 for the next round.

[Source: NPR]

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