There will be no "historic shift" in the State of the Union speech from President Bush

There has been speculation in the last few days that President Bush would, in his State of the Union speech, announce a historic shift in the U.S. climate change policy. It seems that this is not the case. This topic will certainly not help any of the feelings of Tony Blair or Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, who both would like the U.S. to change its policy.

According to Tony Snow, the Whitehouse spokesman, "That's not something we're talking about." He also said, "I want to walk you back from the whole carbon cap story...The carbon cap stuff is not accurate. It's wrong." Instead, President Bush is likely to talk more about hydrogen, ethanol and other technology that supports "the importance of innovation" that the President would like the U.S. to focus on.

According to this story on The Independent, an EU diplomat said, "Basically, the US has to get its own house in order," referring to several U.S. states that have set their own policies separate from Washington. "If they are doing something, then it's a very well-kept secret," according to their unnamed diplomat source.

A side note: remember this skit? I was reminded of it on Global Cool's website.


[Source: Global Cool and The Independent]

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