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As Obama Touts Transportation Tech, Documents Douse Autonomous Enthusiasm

On the same night President Obama pressed the need to build a "21st century transportation system" in his final State of the Union speech, a new report released by one of the companies leading that charge showed serious potholes remain ahead.


In his State Of The Union speech last week, President Obama made mention of higher fuel economy standards for big trucks. We all know (or should, at least), that picking up the low-mpg stragglers in our vehicle fleet is where we can make big efficiency gains, but what would greener trucks mean for the average American - besides some cleaner air, hopefully?

The green car rhetoric of President Obama's State Of The Union speech last night was much, much softer than it was three years ago. That was when he spoke about a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. It was even less vociferous than last year, when Obama said we could take money given to oil and gas companies and put it into an "Energy Security Trust." So, what is the state of the green car union for 2014? In a word: renewable. In two more words: natural gas.

It's not exactly been a good year for the president of the U.S. The tail end of a presidency is rarely easy, but this time it's been a real clusterfudge. Thus far, the strongest criticism I've heard about where Bush is at in the national mind came from the right-wing supporter Tony Blankley on Left, Right and Center, where he said that this is the first time in all his decades in Washington, DC where in the week leading up to the SOTU speech, so very few folks are guessing what the president wil

All right, one more preview of the President's State of the Union speech before the thing actually happens. Yahoo is saying that the Decider is going to ask American's to "slash gasoline consumption by up to 20 percent by 2017." The two main ways this will happen is through increased ethanol use and higher fuel economy standards for passenger cars. Looks like I might get one thing I asked for a few weeks ago.

We've been thinking about President Bush's State of the Union speech for a while now (will he or won't he make an "historic shift" on global warming?), and tomorrow evening we can finally hear it straight from the horse's mouth. Heh heh. Horse's mouth.