Le Badge Engineering: Peugeot 4007 images surface

Images are floating around the internet purportedly showing the upcoming Peugeot 4007 sport-ute. The crossover is one of two PSA trucks to be based on the new Mitsubishi Outlander, together with the upcoming Citroen C7. The 4007, C7 and Outlander will all be built on the same assembly line at Mitsubishi's plant in Okazaki, Japan.

While the images certainly look professional, some have expressed doubts as to their authenticity. Although the front of the car shows clear and distinctive Peugeot design cues around the headlights, hood and grille, the rest of the truck looks almost identical to its Mitsubishi counterpart. As we've seen from previous Mitsubishi collaborations (particularly with Chrysler), the badge-engineered vehicles can look nearly identical to each other (save the badge), but we've come to expect different from the French automaker who usually style its cars more uniquely (although this is Peugeot's first sport-ute).

Mechanically the 4007 (and the C7, for that matter) is expected to carry-over from the Outlander. Engines will likely include a 2.4-liter gasoline powerplant producing 170 hp, together with two diesels, coupled to Mitsubishi's electronic all-wheel-drive system and six-speed continuously-variable transmission.

The Mitsubishi made its debut at the last New York Auto Show in April and has been on the road for over a year now, while Peugeot is expected to reveal the 4007 at Geneva next year.

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[Source: Motor Authority]

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