Four days ago we brought you in-depth coverage of Audi's publicity parade on Park Avenue, featuring the new R8 supercar, the R10 Le Mans racer and the 1938 Auto Union Type-D "Silver Arrow". The attention-grabbing event marked the North American debut of the R8 as well as the opening of Audi's new high-tech 6,400-square-foot "Forum" showroom on Park Avenue in mid-town Manhattan.

For your viewing pleasure we have for you today an impressive and dramatically-filmed video of the R8 making its way down Park Avenue, driven by none other than New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The video not only captures the finer details of Audi's new range-topping halo model, but the overall mood and atmosphere created by the high-octane spectacle.

Not only is this video definitely worth watching, but you'll probably go back to the start and watch it again (and think you're watching HBO).

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(Bonus: catch Audi's press release after the jump for more staggering details on the NYC Audi Forum.)

[Source: The German Car Blog]

Press Release

Audi of America today celebrates the grand opening of its first U.S. brand experience center, the New York City Audi Forum with the North American debut of the Audi R8 sports car. In honor of these two events, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will deliver the R8 to the Forum on its inaugural drive on U.S. soil.

Inspired by the design principles that have guided Audi for almost 100 years, the New York City Audi Forum is a resource to New York City and its residents – enabling visitors to not only experience the Audi brand, it is also a sophisticated, Metropolitan event space. Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, The Forum can be used to host events for up to 150 people.

The Forum covers 6,400 square feet, and is the largest of nine Audi Forums in the world. It features cutting-edge showroom display technology, including a customizable lighting system from international award- winning German design firm ERCO. The lighting component of the Forum produces 13,000 watts of light and is controlled by one of four Sinewave lighting control systems in the world. The Forum also features a multi-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system and three 63 inch Samsung plasma screens. The New York City Audi Forum is capable of displaying up to five cars at any time.

"We're honored to have Mayor Bloomberg share in the celebration of these two monumental, brand building events for Audi of America," said Johan de Nysschen, executive vice president, Audi of America. "Visitors to the Forum will have the opportunity to experience the design principles and cutting edge technologies that guide all Audi products."

The centerpiece of the New York City Audi Forum is an eight-foot-by-six-foot moving LED wall capable of displaying high-definition video content from HD-DVD players. The moving LED runs on a track from one end of the Forum on Park Avenue to the other end on 47th Street. This unit weighs 1,700 lbs. and can display 4.4 trillion colors. A wireless connection to the main control room gives the LED unique responsiveness and allows for content on the screen to be customized for whatever area of the Forum in which the screen is currently located. Running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the motor control in the LED is similar to those used by major Las Vegas hotels and Disney parks. With historical visual references and a sleek, modern design aesthetic, the New York City Audi Form represents the past, present and future of the Audi brand.

The new Audi R8 sports car is a mid-mounted 420 hp V8 FSI engine, quattro permanent all-wheel drive and Audi Space Frame aluminum body form the basis for truly outstanding driving dynamics. The R8 will have its American auto show debut at the Los Angles Auto Show in November and will be available in the United States in the summer of 2008.

The New York City Audi Forum is now open to visitors and available for events.

About the Audi Forum

Located at 250 Park Avenue, The New York City Audi Forum is the ninth Audi Forum worldwide. Other markets include Ingolstadt, Berlin, Munich, Neckarsulm, London, Madrid, Beijing and Stockholm. Each Forum is a uniquely realized brand extension, with individual design and architecture, world-class lighting and sound capabilities and the ability to host Audi enthusiasts, media and consumer events.

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