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Ford launches "Innovations" site

Autoblog reader Josh sent us in a tip about Ford's new "Innovations" site, a testament to the company's investments in alternative fuels, safety, design and technology. So far, the site's only active offering is the alternative fuels area, where it boasts Ford's leadership in the development of vehicles that run economically on gasoline, E85, diesel, and in the future, hydrogen.

The site is both promotional and educational -- in the case of the alternative fuels area, the site talks about Ford's current and future product offerings for the various fuel types and even offers up a gas calculator that shows how far one can get on a tank of gas with each type of fuel in each class of vehicle (hydrogen wins out every time, by the way). There is also a timeline conveying Ford's past accomplishments in each of the four areas the company is highlighting on the site, including Ford's plan for the future.

[Source: Ford Motor Company]

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