The listmeisters at Forbes continue their quest to rank every possible automotive genre and subcategory ever put forth with their new 'Hottest Family Cars of 2006" list. While their writers don't appear to have put a price cap on their list, in the interest of keeping the kids at a safe distance, Forbes limited their list to SUVs and wagons (as nobody makes 'a ten-cylinder minivan' yet, that bodystyle has been excluded as well).

Their findings?

All foreign nameplates (albeit most of them with American ties). What did they miss? Well, at least one staffer would drop the Benz 'G' thang in favor of another DaimlerChrysler product (the Dodge Magnum SRT-8), and there's nothing wrong with the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, either. While we're at it, we know they're not terribly roomy, but Infiniti's FX45 still does something for us, especially in Autumn Copper. One last thing-- for those on a more modest budget, the Subaru Legacy GT Wagon is a heck of a nice steer, and something of a serious omission.

But then again, Forbes didn't ask us for our opinions when compiling the list. We imagine they didn't solicit you, either... so feel free to add your take in 'comments.'

[Source: Forbes via MSNBC;]

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