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WiTricity announces Tunable Matching Network; GM picks AeroVironment as Chevy Bolt charger.

Tesla's new Boston store is impressive. London Mayor commits to cyclists. WiTricity's TMN optimizes wireless charging. Chevy Bolt to charge with AeroVironment.


Do you want to encourage lobbyists, or engineers?

Once again, the Auto Alliance stands against change.


BMW says battery density and costs will be slow to improve.

NYC uses a GM discount and federal incentives to add 80 Chevy Bolts to its fleet. BMW will "walk through the valley of tears." Madrid closes heart of the city to most drivers for nine days.


The panelists will advise Trump on job creation and economic policy.

Despite criticism of the auto industry, Trump is seeking advice and expertise from the private sector.


Iowa E15 retailers raise $12,000 in 'Pink at the Pump' campagin.

Lightness and durability are key to a cheap solar roof. E15 raises money for breast cancer awareness. Maven arrives in LA, San Francisco, and Denver.


The US model will mimic the Euro-market Opel's sheetmetal.

A Buick Regal wagon that looks this good is a must.


But $900m will be pouring into three other GM plants.

The plans affect GM's plant in Lansing, MI and Lordstown, OH.


Ford Carr-E is for last-mile mobility; Proterra EV buses hit Chicago roads.

Chevy can switch between Bolt and Sonic production. VW approved for 1.6 TDI recalls. JLL uses Proterra buses for shuttles. Ford employee designs Carr-E for last-mile mobility.


Those are good burgers, dude.

An Arizona scofflaw is in custody today after leading police on a high-speed chase through a Phoenix area In-N-Out Burger earlier this week.


Tesla has paid out 159 bounties, but we don't know how much money.

Everyone's being mysterious.


IBM’s Watson teams up with GM’s OnStar.

If you hate ads, this new partnership will be a major pain for GM owners.


The Ford F-150, Subaru WRX, and Audi A3 also lost their checkmarks.

Honda's excellent compact sedan isn't so excellent, according to Consumer Reports.


That sales rate would put Bolt on par with the Tesla Model S.

The battery maker for Chevy's reasonably priced EV expects big sales.


GM CEO was just one of several business leaders listed.

While it'd be bad news for GM, having an automotive leader in the vice president's office would be an exciting prospect for the rest of us.


Prices start at $8 an hour for cars and $14 an hour for SUVs.


BMW confirms an i8 roadster for 2018.

BYD hoes to ease congestion with its SkyRail monorail. BMW i8 will drop its top in 2018. San Francisco becomes Maven's ninth market.


Chevy dealers in LA, SF Bay Area are already reporting allocations.

General Motors will take the EV model nationwide after starting on the West Coast, though still won't give a timetable.


Off-road, heavy duty

GMC expands the Terrain X lineup.


The Blue Oval is done making cars in the land Down Under.


Express Drive program drivers will be able to rent some of the first Bolts.

Ride-hailing operator won't be ahead of car buyers, but will share the distinction of getting the first Bolt EVs.


More horsepower but less twist than Ford's Super Duty.

They'll also gain nearly 50 horsepower.

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