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Commodore GTS-R W1 could get the supercharged LS9.

The last HSV-branded Commodore is poised to be the greatest one ever.


More detailed range ratings from the EPA give insight into the Bolt's livability.

But the Chevy Bolt's 217-mile highway range drags its overall rating down to 238.


By the end of 2016, GM will be 4 percent of the way there.

The company has made progress. A little, tiny bit of progress.


GM will use 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Delta tests micro-turbine range extender on its in-house EV. Get a nanodegree in autonomous car engineering. GM joins RE100.


Virtual design, space robots, and cyborg strength on this episode of Translogic

VR caves, space robots, and robogloves, oh my!


Excitement doesn't guarantee availability everywhere.

It's probably Brexit's fault.


Is the new paint facility really a new assembly line? Let's speculate!

We read it on the internet, so it must be true.


A defect in a module that controls airbags and pretensioners may prevent those features from activating in a crash.


Instant torque? Oh, yeah.

Opel touts the Ampera-e's torque and quickness in race against its own cars.


Three-row SUV looks like it's been put on a diet.

Striking is how workers demand humane treatment and a seat at the table with management. Some have been large enough to change the landscape of America.


Parts of the factory were closed off for two days, a worker said.

One worker reported seeing drug-sniffing dogs and men in hazardous material suits investigating the areas the powder was found in.


'Live Another Day' documentary shows how close the industry came to collapse.

An an inside look at the almost-demise of the Big 3.


#StraighterIsGreater campaign calls for simpler bus routes.

Energica EV motorcycle holds its own against a Lamborghini. Gm turns Flint water bottles into convertible coat/sleeping bags for homeless. Transit Center calls for better bus routes.


Autoliv, a rival airbag supplier, reported concerns over Takata's airbag inflator design.

One Autoliv engineer said a Takata airbag inflator "turned into shrapnel" when tested.


Model shares an awfully similar name to the Euro version of the Chevy Volt.

European version of the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle prepares for its unveiling across the Pond.


General Motors will need to add an 'EV' suffix to indicate the difference.

And you thought hearing the difference between Bolt and Volt was confusing in the States.


LG reached a six-year agreement last year to be a parts supplier for the Bolt.

South Korea-based LG preps to make about a dozen parts for the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles.


According to reports, Lyft has already turned down an offer from GM.


Sumimoto to sell fuel cells through US Hybrid.

Meet MEQ. Companies see commercial trucks as H2 candidates. Tesla plans Supercharger near I-80 in Nebraska. GM is not planning autonomous taxis for 2019.


GM uses aluminum, grille 'shutters' to compensate.

You can't have both.

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