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Warrants were issued Monday for a trio of Cleveland carjackers who, after beating up a limo driver and stealing his car, livestreamed themselves joyriding around the city in the stolen limo.


Feds fault trucking company after explosive crash this summer.

Company told to cease transport operations until multiple issues are addressed.


Or buses, or cargo trucks, or vans.

Zero emissions could meet large vehicles with Toyota tech, some day.


Mercedes-Benz will sell an electric van again.

Formula E's New York City ePrix gets an iconic backdrop. Hyundai puts its fuel cell into a delivery van. Mercedes will try again with electric vans.


If you like trucks, or clocks, or clocks made of trucks this is the video for you.


The electric delivery vehicle will be 'in customers' hands by 2017.'

VW's e-Crafter van, which was unveiled at IAA Commercial Vehicles, is nearly ready for production.


Intense footage of what happens immediately after a car crash.


The efficiency and emissions standards cover model years 2018 through 2027.

The government expects to also save 1.1 metric tons of GHG emissions through 2027.


There's something to this idea, beyond the buzzwords

Mercedes imagines the van as a mobile distribution center.


This deal also shows that, despite the diesel scandal, VW feels healthy enough to keep expanding.


Cummins, Peterbilt lay out Supertruck II goals.

What does preseason data tell us about the upcoming Formula E season? Which of these Model 3 suppliers is in hot water with Tesla?


Autonomous technology will boost productivity.

Fully autonomous tractors could be here before driverless cars.


A trucker on a steep downhill grade along I-5 in California lost control of his rig and wound up stuck in a runaway truck ramp.


The proposed speed limit could save over $1 billion in fuel each year.


The majority of affected trucks are still sitting at dealerships.

According to Ram, the issue only reveals itself in two-wheel drive. Driving in four-wheel-drive mode should still be safe.


BMW expands ChargeNow program, adds fees.

Nikola Motors will debut its long-range electric semi truck in December. Nissan predicts that charging stations will soon surpass fuel stations. BMW expands ChargeNow to 25 cities, but adds fees.


Tesla pickup platform could also be used for cargo utility van.

If you want to know what's coming down the Tesla pipeline, just check Twitter.


Combined with Elon Musk's master plan, commercial EV trucks are becoming a when instead of an if.

Capable of covering 124 miles on a two- or three-hour charge, the Urban eTruck is designed to replace big gas or diesel-powered commercial vehicles in cities.


A group of Chinese truckers sprang into action to save their town when a local levee broke and threatened the homes and lives of 23,000 of their fellow citizens.


Our favorite workhorse van is getting some interior upgrades for late next year.

The vehicle in these shots may look like the current Sprinter van, but our spies claim the interior and exterior camo hide components from the next-gen commercial vehicle.

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