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Porsche Macan EV spy photos show it nearly undisguised

It's expected to launch with more than 600 horsepower

Porsche Macan EV prototype
Porsche Macan EV prototype / Image Credit: SH Proshots
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We're only about a year away (assuming no further delays) from the Porsche Macan EV's launch, but we're getting an early look at the electric SUV thanks to these spy photos. They show the Porsche with almost no camouflage, allowing us to take in the low, squat shape of the new Macan.

At the front, we can see that the Macan does away with even a hint of a main front grille. After all, being an electric, it doesn't need all that airflow for cooling. It's also very clear that the headlights are a split array, with the upper running lights aping the design of the Taycan's lights, and the lower ones are providing forward illumination. At the bottom of the fascia, there's a seriously low front spoiler, which likely reduces drag, if nothing else.

Without any coverings on the windows, we can see from the side that the greenhouse is shaped fairly similarly to other practical Porsches with simple, clean curves. The rear section has much more of a fastback shape than the gas-powered Macan, though, looking more like the Cayenne coupe. This shape, coupled with the large amount of sheet metal and low side skirts give the Macan EV a hunkered-down, almost chop-top look compared to the gas model. The fender flares, low ride height and tight wheel gaps also contribute to the look.

Moving to the rear of the Macan EV, and this is the angle that looks the least exceptional. It has the full-width taillights that we've become accustomed to, and the smooth, curvy shape of most every Porsche from the last 20 years. It has a faux diffuser panel in the rear bumper to break things up a bit, and it naturally lacks any exhaust tips.

As previously mentioned, we're expecting the electric Macan to launch in 2024. Reports suggest the top-spec Turbo trims will be the first on sale, and could have more than 600 horsepower on offer from dual electric motors. Lower-output, and presumably more affordable variants will follow later. Torque vectoring and four-wheel steering are also expected, and these photos seem to show the rear wheels turning slightly opposite of the fronts, confirming the latter of those features. It should also get an 800-volt battery architecture capable of high DC fast-charging rates, and reportedly it will have a very even weight distribution.

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