Watch the 2016 Toyota Prius world premiere

The 2016 Toyota Prius is about to debut in Las Vegas. Click the 'Play' button in the live stream below starting at 11:55 PM Eastern (8:55 PM Pacific) until 12:20 AM EST / 9:20 PM PST and you can watch the livestream for the unveiling of Toyota's all-important, fourth-generation Prius.

We've already seen teasers, grainy spy shots, and nearly complete images of the exterior, plus a few shots of the reworked cabin in the fourth-generation hybrid that started it all. Soon, we'll have the official info, hopefully including an explanation as to why it looks the way it does.

A rehash of the few New Prius rumors: a 1.8-liter four-cylinder will do the ICE work, about 150 total horsepower will come from that and the electric motor, electric range is speculated to be around 35 miles, and fuel economy might land somewhere around 55 mpg. We'll have all the goodies when the embargo officially lifts just after midnight.

Toyota Prius Information

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