Chris Harris is one of the most beloved of British automotive journalists, and yet Ferrari doesn't seem inclined to take him off its black list. Something about having shined the light on the way Maranello sets up its cars for press evaluations, years ago... So the only time the auto scribe and video host we know as Monkey gets his hands on a Prancing Horse-emblazoned steering wheel is when a private owner offers Harris a drive. Fortunately, that seems to happen all the time, but rarely in such a fashion as it has for this latest video.

Here, the owner of not only an F40 but also its successor, the F50, has lent Harris both of his anniversary-edition Ferrari supercars and insisted that he drive them aggressively. So off they went to the Anglesey circuit in Wales to see how these precursors to the Enzo and LaFerrari fare alongside one another decades after they first hit the road.

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      Autoblog is too scared to link directly to Harris' original article or even refer to it in direct terms: Here it is:‎
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        Thanks. Haven't had the will to look at jalopnik for awhile ever since they decided to give the big F you during their 2011 redesign. The latest redesign looks better and seems they have a new editor in chief. Looks like he's doing a better job than the last schmuck.
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      I think the F50 gets a bum rap. It is plenty attractive. Ferrari cars were allegedly **** at that time, but that is true of all classic Ferraris. The OBDII era must have been tough for Ferrari to deal with, though.
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      This is a fantastic video, and I feel very blessed to be able to watch it. These cars are absolutely unattainable by "normal" people, and for good reason... they are not "normal" cars. No matter how good you think you are, these cars are better.
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      I don't care what people say but both F40 and F50 are special in some way. I love them both!
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      the 2 ugly ferraris...
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      My problem with the F50 is all in how the rear wing is integrated. I always hated the F50 until I saw the racing version with the separate wing, and saw that it was actually a great looking car completely marred by that one fault. Put a separate wing on it and suddenly it looks as good as it sounds and goes. The F40 will always be the ultimate though. Those purposeful, brutish looks. The brutal power delivery. The "this really is a racecar for the street" interior. It's just so obviously focused on the goal of providing the best driving experience possible. And it's the ultimate expression of pure tuning without any electronic aids. It proves that you don't need a million computers working around your every move to have a wonderful driving experience.
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      I always enjoy Chris Harris' journalism sense; the way he talks about how the F40's engineering flavor and behavior differs from the F50 experience. Both are very tasteful. Both look so hot and delicious. I think I'd be pretty torn between picking a favorite of the two. Interesting to hear him confirm that the F40 is the faster of the two. I remember a Best Motoring vid at Suzuka, where the F40, F50, Lambo Diablo, F355, R34 GT-R, and a slew of Porsche's battle it out. And Drift King in the F40 takes in fastest lap, starting from the last position.