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The 500th Ferrari The Ferrari will be auctioned off.

Nearly 300 people were killed in the earthquake that hit central Italy last week.


Formula 1 wrapped up its summer break with mayhem at the 2016 Belgian F1 Grand Prix. Yet crazy tire pressures, grid penalties, and overtaking moves couldn't stop two of the season's three front-runners.


We interview Ken Okuyama about what's next for car design.


How the ultra-wealthy kick off a week of car overload.


Leno loves the simplicity and purity of this classic Ferrari.


Or, how to make a Ferrari look slow.

Sorry, Tesla, but this electric supercar is faster.


They need to have 'the Fizz'.

Clarkson has interesting taste, as we all know.


You'll probably need over $2 million to bring this legendary Ferrari home.


This cars and coffee crash didn't involve a Mustang.

There was a bizarre crash at a Virginia cars and coffee that ended with a failed parallel parking attempt and a Mercedes 380SL on top of a Ferrari 458's nose.


Even though the midfield has come alive, the off-track issues at the 2016 German F1 Grand Prix are more interesting than the racing. We recap what happened on the circuit and beyond it heading into the four-week summer break.


The new platform will underpin flagship vehicles.

Altair's involvement is shrouded in mystery.


So far it looks like the halo will provide that protection.


The JDM frankensupercar will be Ryan Tuerck’s wild drift machine.

You have a Hellcat? That's cute.


After three years of surprisingly animated Hungarian Formula 1 Grands Prix, 2016 saw the Hungaroring return to old ways: almost all of the action happened in the pits.


Every Ferrari and a few Mercedes cars and vans are implicated.

The affected vehicles will be recalled by the end of 2018.

How to play lost-and-found with priceless historic automobiles.

The past few years have seen some amazing classic cars unearthed, hidden away in barns, sheds, parking lots, and scrap yards only to be rediscovered.


The red cars have not been quick. Sergio isn't happy.

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