Infiniti JX

Do you love your car? Like, really love your car? How about your iPhone? According to Forbes, a group called New Media Metrics has a way to quantify just how much you adore your devices, and how that emotional connection determines your purchasing behavior.

The metric is called Leveraging Emotional Attachment for Profit, or LEAP, and just like it sounds, it measures how much we love products. That affection will likely lead to purchase to fill that attachment. The LEAP index began in 2010, and for the first two year the iPod topped the list, only to be unseated by the iPhone this year. Tech is a key factor as these devices have become extensions of ourselves.

The top automaker on this list, and ranked third overall, is the Infiniti brand. Its high ranking speaks to the significance of technology in the LEAP index. While many automakers offer a wealth of in-car tech, for Infiniti, it's a defining characteristic. Features like the around-view monitor and real-time traffic and weather updates have become key selling points for the Japanese luxury brand.

The next automaker on the list is Cadillac, at the sixth spot, followed followed by BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover in spots 13 through 16, respectfully. Given Cadillac's lead over the tech-heavy German automakers it will be interesting to see how the rollout of Cadillac's CUE-equipped vehicles affects its rankings in the years to come. Check out the rest of this list and see where your favorite brands stack up below.