• Jul 12th 2006 at 10:00AM
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When it rains, it pours... Tuesday was not a good day for Toyota. On top of the recall investigation we reported earlier, The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safey Administration announced that it is investigating problems with the glass moonroof in the Toyota Scion tC model. The NHTSA has received nine reports of the moonroof shattering, with one person slightly injured by falling glass.
The Scion tC moonroof has already been the subject of a "special service campaign" for its wind deflector, which can shatter if hit by debris at highway speeds.

[Source: Reuters]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      Other automakers must be eatting this stuff up (especially Hyundai). It really seems like Toyota has been having some problems lately.
      • 9 Years Ago
      The deflector thing came up a few months ago and they brushed it off saying it wasn't a design flaw. I didn't realize the fix was a piece of tape. S

      Sounds like the way they fixed the problem of not building the Taco to fed regulations..just deactivate the airbag vs. making it the way the regulations say it should be.

      If there's a problem with the moonroof I guess they'll just weld sheetmetal over it or disconnect it.
      • 9 Years Ago
      @Joe - nine have been REPORTED shattered to the NHTSA. There have been many more, at least six at the dealership I go to.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Another black eye for Toyota quality in addition to the arrests of three executives for negligence on a 90s steering issue. The automotive press is going to have to work extra hard to maintain the media darling status they've awarded Toyota for the past 15 years (complete with unlimited free passes).
      • 9 Years Ago
      Seems as though toyotas false image of superior quality is constantly getting tarnished. Face it toyota is no better when it comes to quality than any other automaker!
      • 9 Years Ago
      My friends VW Golf did this. It was harmonics caused by driving with the sunroof closed and the windows open just enough to set up the right frequency from the buffeting inside.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I've seen a number of Passats with shattered backlights, and knowing how anal some of the owners were, they didn't do anything to damage the car. However, shatter they did. The same now with some Audi A3s. I think Porsche has reported some issues with the Targa as well. Basically cars with large stressed sunroofs.

      I'm guessing a length of chain rested on the glass during shipping at some point (cars stacked), and the motion of transport caused it to bounce on the glass, setting in motion a failure mode that requires temp differential or pressure differential, or perhaps even just a light tap to finally make it shatter. Because the events can be months or more apart, it's hard to put them all together.

      BTW, heavier/thicker glass is not always associated with better glass, since creates a higher center of gravity and thick glass may be manufactured as cheaply if not potentially even cheaper than thinner more "fragile" glass which needs extra special handling.
      • 9 Years Ago
      to neal #21.. I bet you have a 2005 tC too.. no one should ever buy the first year or so of production of a new model anyway
      • 9 Years Ago
      I've had many trips to the service dept as well for the moonroof. First the recall, then the whole thing "jumped track" and wouldn't close-or even move for that matter- (required 3 trips to fix), then several more trips back when the "automatic stop guard" prevented the moonroof from closing completely (of course this always seemed to happen when it was raining!) Unfortunately it still isn't fixed, as it did it again last week. They'll have to take a look at it again tomorrow when I take my car back in because the hydraulics for the hatch have stopped working and unless you're strong enough to lift it of your own accord - it's not going to open! But even if you do manage to get it open, you have to try and hold it open with one hand while you frantically try to grab whatever it is you need before it comes crashing down on you again. And while I'm there, I may as well have them look into why the fan/air vent blower never shuts off. Oh, and did I forget to mention the incident of the whole back panel on the hatch ripping off - you know the part that contains the release to open the hatch? I have had more problems with this car (brand new!) than I have had with all of the other cars I have ever owned combined, and they were mostly old cheap clunkers! I was advised to demand a new car as this one has been quite defective (can we say "lemon law") but I have no desire to ever own one again!
      • 9 Years Ago
      even with the many problems Toyota is facing now with its quality .. i dont feel the negative feeling if AMerican cars would have problems ... Automotive magazines love TOYOTA for quality and mostly the only reason why they put their cars ahead of other competition ... i wonder if they will be as truthful abt this or maybe they are going to say "isolated problem" .. thats BULLCRAP ... IF YOU ARE GETTING PAID TO DO SO .. i hope the government will also find that out so ur TOYOTA darling is a goner and u automotive journalists who are biased against Americans will exist no more
      • 9 Years Ago
      Actually my car is a 2006!!!!!!!!!!!! The 2006 is NO better and the part that was in the original "special service campaign" was not on my car.
      • 9 Years Ago
      The rear roof panel on my tC failed last year, and Scion said it was definitely from road debris. Oddly, the way the roof broke, it looked like a volcano and there was nobody else on the highway when I was driving. Regardless, Scion said it was "absolutely" an intrusion break. One dealership was basically unwilling to work on it, and the second one sent the car to a bodyshop for the work. SIX weeks later, I had my car back and the roof panel and rear hatch glass had been replaced, and my trunk had been repainted due to debris. My roof now rattles with shards of glass.

      It is insulting that Scion's idea of a "fix" is to apply a piece of black tape to the underside of the wind deflector in an effort to keep it from falling on your face when it breaks. This fix wouldn't have done any good in my instance, and I hope Scion gets slapped for this one. They basically refused to help me in any way when I contacted them, and while they were very nice (and apologetic) I'm not a fan of being brushed off.
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