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2019 VW Beetle Final Edition Review | A car out of time in more ways than one

We see why it's time to say goodbye, but it's still sad

We see why it's time to say goodbye, but it's still sad.

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$1 million buys this 1964 Volkswagen Beetle

It has only 23 miles on the clock

It has only 23 miles on the clock.

VW reveals the platform its electric future will be riding on

10 million EVs will use the new MEB vehicle platform

Volkswagen is literally laying bare its plans for millions of upcoming electric-powered cars and trucks. Called the MEB platform, this dedicated EV chassis is set to form the backbone of the German automaker's electrification effort.

VW Beetle could get a Final Edition for 2019

2019 model year VIN information reportedly reveals that the end is near

There could be a Final Edition for the 2019 Volkswagen Beetle, according to VIN code information submitted to NHTSA.

These are the vehicles that owners drive the least

Sportscars, electric cars, and even a luxury vehicle or two

The average American drives over 13,000 miles per year, but some cars barely ever get those miles put on them. Here are the least-driven vehicles in America.

Bumblebee returns as a VW Beetle in new Transformers movie trailer

Prequel wants to restore franchise before Hasbro-toy-universe reboot

Prequel wants to restore franchise before Hasbro-toy-universe reboot.

Memminger Roadster 2.7 is the ultimate VW Beetle

It has a 210-horsepower air-cooled engine

As charming and cute as classic Volkswagen Beetles are, there's no getting around the fact that they're not especially sleek, nor are fast. At all. That is with the exception of this, the Memminger Roadster 2.7. It's a custom Bug built by a German restoration shop called Memminger. It's low, it has extremely wide, pumped up fenders, and has been turned into a two-seat roadster. It almost looks like a Porsche 356, but bigger. And check out those sweet plaid seats.

VW Beetle is not dead yet

It looks like VW will keep the Beetle on the U.S. market for now

Far be it from us to compare the Volkswagen Beetle to any old bug, but despite the company's attempts to stomp on it for good, it might still have life left in it. USA Today is reporting that the current, 2011-introduced generation of the Beetle is to remain in production for the foreseeable future, based on a confirmation from a VW USA spokeswoman.

VW Beetle will not get another encore

Electric Beetle plans rejected; I.D. Buzz will be the nostalgia model

Volkswagen's head of R&D says the New Beetle dies with this current generation. The I.D. Buzz EV will become the brand's heritage-inspired model.

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Monkeys in lab forced to breathe VW diesel fumes

The diesel's defeat devices made its exhaust much cleaner than out on the road.

The Beetle tested was outfitted with a defeat device, unbeknownst to the scientists.

Next Volkswagen Beetle could be all-electric and rear-wheel drive

VW's board will weigh a plan to update the Beetle.

VW's board will weigh a plan to update the Beetle alongside the forthcoming ID Buzz microbus.

VW sponsors a 1970 Beetle in Baja 1000

The Beetle in question is a 1970 model.

It'll run with a stock air-cooled 1600 engine.

Life after death for the 'Love Bug' in Ethiopia

The pint-sized VW Beetle has a loyal fanbase in Ethiopia.

"They never fail you - they take you anywhere and have excellent functionality."

Quick Spin
1969 Volkswagen Baja Bug Quick Spin | 50 years of VW at Baja

After four laps and forty miles I'm done. Toast. Exhausted. But smiling.

Fifty years after winning in Baja, these Bugs remain at the core of grassroots offroad competition.

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