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It's still more expensive than the Hyundai Ioniq and Kia Niro.

The standard safety system adds value, though.

Sometimes you have to go medieval on your car.

More safety features complement the Prius C's sterling fuel efficiency.

Toyota complements collision-avoidance, lane-assist, and automatic high-beam deployment features on its Prius C compact hybrid with improved styling.

This means traditional, hybrid, and electric propulsion.

The company is working on front-, rear-, and all-wheel-drive applications.

OMG, Power Up IRL!

Because saving money on gas just wasn't incentive enough.

That 2015 stop-sale on VW diesels didn't hurt.

Chevy Volt, Ford Focus Hybrid, Nissan Leaf all had strong sales in November.

If you forgot, the trio really hates the Prius.

Plan coincides with 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Toyota joins the EV development rush.

Making it more efficient and kind of fun without upping weight? It was an involved process.

2016, 2017 model year vehicles affected.

There are no deaths or injuries officially connected to this issue yet.

Oh, and you might get $4,500 back from the feds, too.

These numbers add up.

If you want a Prius, this is the one to get.

Power is good. Dual power sources are better.

Instead of simply improving gas-electric tech, the answer may lie in plugs.

If you think the Prime is a big advancement for Toyota, you're not alone.

Syd Mead lends his future-looking talents for Toyota VR.

The North American market is still on pace for a late autumn debut.

Toyota is reducing initial production of the Japanese market Prius PHV – North America's Prius Prime – and delaying its introduction from fall to winter.

Richard Rosenbaum says he couldn't get even 9 miles our of his plug-in Prius.

Your mileage may vary, indeed.

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