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FedEx fleet adds 1,000 Chanje electric vans

Can carry 6,000 pounds of packages 150 miles

Can carry 6,000 pounds of packages 150 miles.

Workhorse begins HorseFly autonomous drone package deliveries

The trial program is underway in Ohio

Last year, we saw Workhorse Group demonstrate its Horsefly for the first time. The Horsefly is an autonomous drone that launches from the roof of a delivery truck to take a package to its final destination. At the time, it seemed like implementation would be a long way off, but last week, Workhorse announced the its Horsefly has begun delivering packages as part of an FAA-approved pilot trial in Loveland, Ohio, near Cincinnati.

SureFly's hybrid electric helicopter takes its first flight

The Workhorse Group spinoff gets off the ground

Even though it's a few months late from the CES 2018 target date, SureFly, part of Workhorse Group, has finally run a flying test of its hybrid-electric helicopter. The company also recorded the test flights in the video above. The company touts that the flight is completely untethered and was an FIA sanctioned flight. It all seems like it's getting much closer to production.

Workhorse-built fuel-cell van now delivering for FedEx

It features a modular fuel-cell hydrogen engine made by Plug Power

Workhorse Group, the electric vehicle startup working on everything from a plug-in hybrid pickup truck to a prototype replacement delivery truck for the U.S. Postal Service, has teamed with a New York-based company to deliver its first zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell delivery van to FedEx.

Workhorse introduces N-Gen electric delivery truck

A fleet will take part in a pilot program in San Francisco

Workhorse Group has experience electrifying trucks. It has been providing hybrid delivery vehicles to the likes of UPS, has introduced a range-extended electric work pickup, and is in the running to supply the powertrain for the next U.S. Postal Service mail truck. Now, the company has launched an electric delivery van called the N-Gen, which offers an optional range extender and delivery drone.

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Coming soon to a mailbox near you? Third USPS van option spied

It's built by VT Hackney and Workhorse

The U.S. Postal Service is currently looking for a replacement for the venerable Grumman LLV delivery truck. We've seen two possible replacements, one from Karsan, and another from OshKosh. There are four other companies that have prototypes under consideration, too, including AM General, Utilimaster, Mahindra, and VT Hackney. Now the prototype from VT Hackney has finally been spied, and it looks pretty interesting.

UPS and Workhorse strike deal on electric vans

Smart charging is key as UPS hopes to replace 35,000 delivery vehicles

Smart charging is key as UPS hopes to replace 35,000 delivery vehicles

Workhorse W-15 electric pickup preorders now open to the public

You can reserve the PHEV truck for $1,000.

It's expected to cost $45,000 after federal tax credit.

Workhorse makes SureFly its own business

Workhorse spins off its aerial technology into its own company.

It will test the SureFly helicopter at CES.

Workhorse announces N-Gen electric van with integrated delivery drone

It goes 100 miles on a charge, or 175 with range extender.

Workhorse makes a bigger delivery EV with an automated drone to go the last mile.

Interview: Workhorse CEO Steve Burns is a busy man

Besides the W-15 electric pickup, Workhorse is developing delivery drones, a personal flying machine, and what could be the next USPS mail truck.

Reinventing how we move people and products around is a big job.

Interview: Workhorse CEO Steve Burns on the W-15 electric pickup

We talk to the man beating Tesla to the punch by electrifying the truck world.

"It's the most complicated thing we've done."

Workhorse SureFly is the next step toward a flying car

It's like a drone for people.

The arms fold, meaning you can store it inside a garage.

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Workhorse W-15 Pickup | Autoblog Minute

The W-15 is a PHEV pickup that promises to do 80 miles on a full charge. Workhorse says it has over 4,000 pre-orders of its truck and deliveries are planned to begin sometime next year.

UPS tests delivery drones, with modest success

The tech, still in its infancy, shows promise for last-mile delivery.

Drones could make UPS more efficient, once they're ready.

Amp Workhorse electric vans approved for $60,000 rebates in California

If any California company is wavering on a decision to buy Amp Holding's new all-electric utility vans, the state is certainly ready to tilt that decision in Amp's favor.