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The Best and Worst Automotive Trends of 2010

What a year. After the out-and-out implosion of the car market in 2009, no one quite knew what to expect from 2010. It would have been impossible to predict the rise of both General Motors and Chrysler from the bowels of Chapter 11 to the relatively comfortable perches they now occupy, or the depths to which the Toyota recall spiral would plumme

Repo-related violence on the rise, expected to get worse

Repo men working in rural Alabama attempt to take a man's car at 2:30 am. The car's owner, 67-year-old Jimmy Tanks, hears noises and steps outside with his gun. Shots are fired and Jimmy ends up dead. The tables were turned on another repo man working in Alabama, who ended up dying of a gunshot wound. A third repo man, also in Alabama, was wounded by a gunshot while towing a vehicle away.

Mommy? What's petroleum?

Richard Webb speculates what a world without any products made from petroleum would be like. He points out, though, his thoughts are not mere musings or an environmentalist's hope, but a projection of continued high gas prices and their impact on society. He describes the path to said future, from U.S. and China's voracious appetite for oil, BP's issue in Alaska, and, finally, the "third shock" that will hit when the cost of oil reaches $100 a barrel by 2008. Webb agrees with analysts who see co