Edmunds.com's green automotive trends and forecasts

Edmunds.com, an automotive information site, has compiled its list of 2006 automotive trends. Among the green trends were:
  • Subcompact market sales increased 63 percent compared to 2005 in the wake of petrol prices reaching a national average of $3.03 per gallon for regular self-serve in August 2006.
  • Hybrid vehicle market share increased nearly 35 percent compared to last year.
Petrol prices are expected to continue to have a significant impact on buyers' spending habits next year resulting in the following trends expected in 2007:
  • Sales of crossover vehicles will continue to improve as midsize and large SUV owners seek better fuel economy.
  • Hybrid vehicles will continue to gain mainstream interest.
  • U.S. acceptance of diesel will expand with the introduction of Mercedes-Benz's new BlueTec diesel technology and the new diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Lists were also published of the most-researched cars and trucks of 2006.

[Source: Business Wire]

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