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The top 70 "in" products, services and trends that will help to define 2007

Trendspotters around the world, take note of the 70 "in" products, services and trends that will define 2007 according to JWT, the largest advertising agency in the U.S. and fourth largest in the world. Says Marian Salsman, ececutive vice president and chielf maketing officer for JWT, "Trends are illustrated by the products and services that exemplify them. By examining what resonates with consumers, we can identify the larger patterns that will shape our lives in the years to come."

Not all of the top trends identified here matter to our readers, but I have extrapolated the following from the list, just 'cause I'm cool like that.

  1. Sustainable construction\green buildings
  2. hydrogen fuel cells
  3. veggie buses (school buses that run on biodesiel)
  4. environmental causes
  5. companies "going green"
  6. microgeneration (generating one's own energy)
  7. energy saving light bulbs
  8. Al Gore, the environmentalist (as opposed to the politician, I surmise)
  9. RSS Feeds -- not green, but appropriate to our readers nonetheless

So, there you go. Now I can tell everyone that I know that I am indeed "trendy", and so can you.



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