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Russian enthusiast builds his own steam train mini-railway

He and his friends are now busy building a steamboat and are also planning to make a steam plane

For Pavel Chilin, building his own railway was the fulfillment of a childhood dream. It took the 62-year-old electrical engineer more than 10 years to build a 350-meter (383-yard)-long narrow-gauge railway twisting through the grounds of his steads about 50 kilometers (some 30 miles) outside St. Petersburg. The design of his steam train is based on a classic example from the early 20th century.

Watch trooper pull man from vehicle at last second before train hits

The driver was unconscious from an unknown medical episode

German man survives ride between 2 train cars at 125 mph

Yet another way cigarettes can kill you

Yet another way cigarettes can kill you.

President Bush's funeral train is a tradition dating back to Lincoln

'We just rode on the railroads all the time': How the greatest generation traveled

'We just rode on the railroads all the time': How the greatest generation traveled

Japan is spending years making one train line a minute faster

It's a two-year project, but the issue has been plaguing them for a decade

It's a two-year project, but the issue has been plaguing them for a decade.

I went to Japan to drive cars, and fell in love with trains | Autoblog in Japan

We like going fast. Here's how to ride the bullet train

We like going fast. Here's how to ride the bullet train.

Many fatalities as Amtrak train derails, falls onto I-5 near Tacoma

It was making inaugural run on a new high-speed route

Delsbo Electric 2017 | Autoblog Minute

The Delsbo Electric Battery Powered Rail Vehicle Challenge is an annual competition that takes place in Sweden. Open to students, the goal of this challenge is to create a battery-powered rail vehicle that minimizes energy consumption.

Japan's New Luxury Train | Autoblog Minute

The Shiki-Shima by east japan railway company,, travels through northeastern Japan. Tickets are as high as $10,000 a person and the train is booked till March of 2018.

Driver snatches elderly woman from speeding train's path just in time

For this woman, it was the most important day of her life.

Watch a commuter train plow through a FedEx truck

In a truck vs. train showdown, the smart money is always on the train.

First Hyperloop feasibility study promises huge economic return

It'd be pricey, but ultimately worth it if these numbers are correct.

The line would run between Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden, and would cut the commute time from hours to just 28 minutes.

Land Rover Discovery Sport pulls like a freight train

No, literally. This Disco Sport pulled a trio of luxury train carriages across a bridge.

To show just what its latest model can do, Land Rover fitted a set of rail wheels to the new Discovery Sport and had it pull 60 times its own weight across a railway bridge.

Polish train diver sprints through cars to warn of crash

A commuter train driver in Poland is being hailed as a hero after he ran through his train to warn passengers of an impending collision.

School Bus Has Close Call With Train | Autoblog Minute

An ABC affiliate in Houston Texas shows dramatic footage of a school bus’ close encounter with a train.

School bus camera catches close call with speeding train

A school bus was just a few feet away from being hit by a train as it sat on the tracks earlier this month in Harris County, Texas.

UK gov't makes driving cheaper and transit more expensive

A Look At Government Priorities Show Why Some Drive More

In the UK, the government works to make private-car driving costs fall while bus and train fares go up.

Train smashes through semi truck in Czech Republic crash

Cameras captured a dramatic crash in the Czech Republic when a train hit a semi as the truck tried to cross the tracks in time.

Whac-A-Mole inventor films train crashing into Honda Accord

Two men in Florida barely escaped with their lives last weekend after a their Honda Accord became accidentally stuck on a set of train tracks.

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