A New Jersey man is being lauded as a hero today after he risked his life to save an elderly woman from an oncoming commuter train.

According to WLS, Jon Mango was stopped at a railroad crossing in Saddle Brook earlier this week when he spotted an elderly woman struggling to cross the tracks.

"I'm watching and I see her going across and I'm like, 'this isn't feeling right,'" Mango told WABC.

Suddenly, a New Jersey Transit train approached the crossing horns blaring. The woman froze in the middle of the crossing, with the train bearing down on her. As the train swept closer, Mango leaped out of his car and ran into its path to save the woman.

"I saw the train was really coming. I sprinted onto the tracks and I pulled her by the arm. She was scared, like I was trying to do something," Mango said. "She actually stopped because she was scared, so then I tried grabbing her arm and then really tried pulling her. She was having a lot of trouble."

Mango hurried the woman off the tracks just in the nick of time. In fact, he told WABC that the train passed within inches of the woman as he dragged her to safety.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident, but the woman was taken to a nearby hospital by paramedics just to be on the safe side.

Mango tried to play down his actions, telling reporters that he wasn't a hero and that he only did what anyone would do.

"I'm not a hero, I'm not anything," he said. "I just saw something and something needed to be done."

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